Winch Mount

Below is a diagram of the mount I made for my Milemarker E9000 electric winch and a description of how I made it.  Click on the pic below for the full size image or scroll down for CAD drawings made by DangerRanger at Pictures of the winch and mount installed on the truck are HERE.

The diagram above shows the mount I made for the winch on my 2000 Ford Ranger.  The mount bolts to the factory tow hook mounts and although I have not yet had a chance to load test it, the mount definitely feels very stable.  To make the mount, I took many measurements of the front of the truck hoping that I could get the steel cut to the proper sizes because other than my 4.5" grinder, I don't have a good way to cut heavy steel. 

What I purchased were two 14" long, 4" wide, 1.5" deep, .25" thick pieces of 'C' channel and a single piece of 'L' shaped angle steel 20" long, 4" high, 7" deep, and 3/8" thick.  The distance from the back of the tow hook to the front of the bumper is 6" and the winch is 6" deep which is where I came up with the 14" dimension for the legs.  The distance across the outsides of the tow hooks is 20" which is where the width of the winch plate came from.  The distance between the legs is therefore 12" which works perfectly with the 10"x4.5" mounting bolt pattern of the winch.  The height of the plate was chosen because of the clutch on the winch.

The rest is just assembling the pieces.  I tack welded the 3 pieces together, drilled mounting holes and bolted it to the truck.  From there, I drilled holes to bolt the plate to the legs and cut the cable hole in the front of the plate.  Once it was off the truck, I cut the tack welds and cleaned the whole thing with a wire wheel attached to my grinder but the fun didn't stop there because I had to make the tabs to bolt where the vertical ear of the factory hook attaches.  Once that was done, I bolted it back together, welded all 4 sides of where the legs met the plate drilled the last couple holes, primed and painted. 

In all, I'm very happy with the mount and my only concern is the welds that hold the tabs to the legs.  Those are the only parts that are held on by welds only.  I'm no pro welder so I'm assuming that the weakest part of the mount is my welds. 

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