Custom Rock Sliders

I made my own rock sliders / nerf bars from 2" square tubing and 1/4" plate.

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These are pics of the sliders themselves.  The top row are the driver's side and the bottom row are passenger side.  The last pic is the hardware used to mount them.  Basically, there is a step and 3 mounts all made from 2" square 14ga tubing.  The mounts are 14.5" long and the steps are 81.5".  The steel plates go up against the frame and have been reinforced to reduce flexing.  I was originally going to use 3 bolts on each mount, but had to go with one 1/2" grade 8 because I didn't want to risk damaging the fuel lines drilling holes.  The rear most mount is simply an 'L' made from the same tubing.  There is a support behind the fender that is the perfect size for the tubing.  As you'll see below, there are two bolts for which holes needed to be drilled.  Everything else uses existing holes.

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These are the mounts attached to the truck.  The first two are the driver's side, the next two are the passenger side, and the last one shows the bolts where they are visible between the bed and the cab.  As you can see, I had to severely notch the front mount on the passenger side to get around the torsion bar mount.  The added reinforcement gives all the strength needed.  Take note that the bracing is shaped specifically so that it does not interfere with the parking brake cable.

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Pics with them mounted on the truck.  They're pretty plain being just square tubing but I did seal the ends and painted them with truck bedliner which gives a good textured surface to step on and should protect them from the elements.  Once it gets warmer, I'll be adding another couple coats of bedliner.

In all, this was not a terribly difficult project.  Thanks to my new welder, I was able to buy the matterial, design, build, paint, and install them in about 2 days.  It could have been done in less time but I'm stuck working outside for now so I had a time limit each day.  A mechanical drawing will be coming soon.         


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