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Here are some pics of my 2000 Ford Ranger XLT.  It's black with grey interior and is the extended cab model with the stepside bed.  My Ranger has the 4.0L engine, 5spd automatic transmission and 4.10 gears with the Off-Road and towing packages.   Since I bought it in November of 2002, I have added a Sony CD player, Cobra C75WXST CB with a 4' Firestik antenna and Wilson coax, Hollywood bicycle mounts, a second battery, and a set of 265/75/16 BFG A/T KO tires.

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Here are the latest pics of the truck.  I spent 3 hours on Friday cleaning and removing the scratches from the past 3 weeks of offroading.  I think it paid off.

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These are the latest pics of Tina's truck.  The Smittybuilt bumper is bent from an accident a couple months ago.  It did it's job well and protected the truck from damage.

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These are the older pics of the truck taken in January of 2003.  The first pic is when it was at home and dirty, and the rest were taken at Atsion ranger station after it was clean.

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Above are some offroading pics and some from the ranger station.

maglite.jpg (242552 bytes)

This is how I mounted my MAGlite and fire extinguisher to the jack cover in the extended cab.

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