Hi-Lift Jack

I took a couple pictures of how I mounted my Hi-Lift Jack in the bed of the Ranger.  Right now, there's one bolt with a large flat washer on the inside of the fender and a large flat washer, lock washer, and nut inside the bed.  Once the jack is in place, a large wing nut holds the jack to the side of the bed.  The bolt does not support the weight of the jack, it merely holds the jack so that the bedliner supports the weight.  I have to put another bolt at the other end of the jack, but it's too cold to do that today.  The last image shows my CB antenna mounted thru a half inch hole in the front edge of the bed and there are two Hollywood mountain bike fork mounts bolted there as well.

 100_1259.jpg (743556 bytes) 100_1260.jpg (1033870 bytes) 100_1261.jpg (1272819 bytes) 100_1262.jpg (976453 bytes) 100_1263.jpg (738111 bytes)


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