FZR Swingarm Spools

I needed a swingarm stand for my FZR and figured I'd try making my own.  Since a spooled stand is more stable than one that goes under the arm, I added some LP spools as well which required welding some tabs to the swingarm to accept the 10mm bolt that came with the spools.  Shortly, I will be removing the swingarm to paint itand will remove the surface rust from everything in the pics.

img100_2079.JPG (145174 bytes) img100_2072.JPG (121153 bytes) img100_2073.JPG (175014 bytes) img100_2075.JPG (93473 bytes) img100_2074.JPG (78560 bytes) img100_2076.JPG (86063 bytes) img100_2078.JPG (116218 bytes)

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