Off-road In Wharton State Forest


I was out in the Pines on March 2nd looking for the building foundations at Parkdale.  Unfortunately, the place was covered with snow and I believe it prevented me from finding the ruins.  Here are some pics of what I did find.

This is a sign I found in the area where the Parkdale foundations are supposed to be.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to actually find the ruins probably because they're covered with snow.


The first pic is the entrance to the area which is prohibited to motor vehicles.  Second, a close-up of one of the signs and the last 3 are pics of the area itself.  If you want to check this out for yourself the coordinates are:  39.43.047N   74.46.543W


This is the name stone on a bridge I crossed on my way back towards home.  The stone names the engineer, freeholder, and the contractor with the year 1918.  The coordinates are:  39.43.819N  74.46.147W 


I believe that this bridge crosses the Mullica River in Goshen.  You can't tell from the picture, but the water is actually touching the bottom of the boards that make up the floor of the bridge.  39.44.586N  74.45.438W


They say the Jersey Devil has a head like a deer, horns, wings, and claws.  When I first caught sight of this log on the side of the road, I thought it somewhat resembled the Devil, only with smaller wings.  It's on the same road as the two bridges above.  I was coming up the other way, but if you turn into Goshen from Atsion Rd and go straight past the camp sites, this log will be on your right. 


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