Camping at Lackawanna

April 22-24, 2004

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On Saturday morning, I got up around 6am and went walking and took some really great pictures.  The ones above are the campsite, roads, trails, and other scenery around the campsite, below are a family of deer that stood still long enough for me to take about 30 pictures of them.  Some of the best are below and as you can see, the haze got in the way a bit...

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These are two of the many pictures I took of the lake at Lackawanna State Park.  The lake was pretty busy Saturday afternoon and I tried to pick images without people.  The two people in the image on the left are Carl and Demetra who we went camping with this weekend.

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The lake has a dam at one end which is really neat because of the way the waterfall that empties into the river is situated.  In the last two images, you can see how the waterfall is wedged between cliffs.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We climbed down and I got some good pictures of the fisherman under the bridge and Carl and Demetra leaning on the barrier that prevents people from driving or walking across the bridge which is in very bad condition.

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These are from the same hike on which I took the pictures of the dam and river.  On the left, a house on top of the hill on the far side of the river, and on the right, the dirt road that we were hiking on.

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