Below are thumbnails from our many camping trips in the summer of 2003. 

Above are several pics from our family camping trip to Blue Rocks in Lenhartsville, PA.  There were about 18 people in our group and everyone had a great time.  These are just the pics I took and there are many more at my cousins site.

These pics were taken when Bobby, Katie, Tina and I spent the weekend at Hawkins Bridge Campsite in Wharton State Forest.  The first 10 are from around the campsite itself and the rest are from the 4-wheeling we did that same weekend.

My brother-in law and his friends have a father-children camping trip and here are some pics I took.  Bobby and Katie had a great time as did everyone else.

This pic was taken on the Hawkins Bridge trip but because of it's size, it just fit better down here.

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